p2f1Cow´s milk allergy and malabsorption of lactose are common conditions that can remain with some people for their whole lives. Therefore, beverages based on plants could be an interesting alternative.

University College Cork (UCC), partner of the PROTEIN2FOOD project, studied the impact of enzymatic treatment on protein quality in a beverage based on quinoa, a protein-rich crop. They found that there was an increase in protein solubility, decreased sedimentation, and improvements in taste and flavour after the addition of proteases (enzymes that break down protein).

This research will be useful for developing a quinoa-based product with the desired protein properties and quality to replace cow’s milk in the diet.

Download poster | Read the full paper here

The UCC researchers presented this work at the 4th International Symposium on Gluten-Free in Ireland, from the 18-19th October 2016.



Image (right): Stephanie Jeske, member of UCC Team, presenting research.