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Gluten-free Quinoa Pasta Hitting the Shelves in Peru

With the increase in the prevalence of celiac disease, as well as the demand for healthy foods, the market for gluten-free products is booming worldwide. However, commercially available [...]

Successful Commercialisation of PROTEIN2FOOD Products in Uganda

A team of researchers at the Makerere University in Uganda, a partner of PROTEIN2FOOD, have developed a host of protein-rich food products suitable for the Ugandan market. [...]

Loco for Lentil-based Milk Substitutes 🥛

One of the objectives of PROTEIN2FOOD is to develop nutritious and tasty plant-based protein-rich products to encourage European consumers to go for more plant-based alternatives, while also stirring away from soy-based products. Examples are substitutes for dairy products, using high protein ingredients developed during the PROTEIN2FOOD project. Cow’s milk and soy-based beverages are good sources [...]

Protein-Rich Wheat Bread and Pasta 🍞

Photo: High-protein Bread and Pasta: UCC  PROTEIN2FOOD partners have developed high-quality prototypes for protein-rich wheat bread and pasta. While most commercial options contain soy, whey or egg proteins, these new prototypes were produced using new plant-based protein ingredients developed during the project. These ingredients were processed from various pseudocereals, including quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat, all [...]

Temperature Check on the PROTEIN2FOOD Prototypes

NASA graphic showing Technology Readiness Levels; Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain. So what next? How far are these prototypes from landing in our local supermarket? The technology readiness level (TRL) scale can be used to answer these questions. The TRL scale is used by many different industries and is meant to assess how mature, [...]

PROTEIN2FOOD Develops Novel Plant-Based Infant Formula

The demand for innovative plant-based infant formulas is growing, especially with the increasing vegan and vegetarian communities seeking healthy and sustainable plant-based alternatives for themselves, as well as their babies. Soy-based protein infant formulas are the main plant-based protein source used for non-dairy infant formula products, yet soybean allergy has been found in babies and [...]

European Commission Highlights Achievements of PROTEIN2FOOD

The global market for plant-based protein ingredients used for food, drinks and dietary supplements is steadily growing. With a rising world population, who needs an increasing amount of high-quality protein-rich foods, this comes as no surprise. However, these food products need to take human health, environmental sustainability and biodiversity into consideration. So, to address this, [...]


Updates to PROTEIN2FOOD project, regarding protein extraction and processing led by the researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV). They have been busy developing new high-quality protein ingredients and finding more sustainable techniques for protein extraction.

Final PROTEIN2FOOD Conference

A Success for The First “Cooking Science” Event in Peru

Researchers from the National Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM), together with renowned Peruvian chef Flavio Solorzano, held the first-ever “Cooking Science - Peru” event on February 28 2019, as part of the Protein2Food (P2F) project. This event, which took place at the Columbia Gastronomic Institute explored the science behind the gastronomic richness of quinoa, otherwise known [...]