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Fifth newsletter

PROTEIN2FOOD aims to sustain human health, the environment, and biodiversity, with the creation of innovative, high quality, protein-rich food crops. Only crops with high protein quality and quantity are selected as potential important food crops in the EU.

Protein crops tested in three European climatic areas

PROTEIN2FOOD has conducted field trials in three different climatic regions of Europe. The aim of the trials was to test how the climate affects the growth of various protein-rich crops. The three regions selected were Italy for the Mediterranean climate (CNR), the Netherlands for the North Sea climate (Louis Bolk Institute), and Denmark for the [...]

New online geographic information tool shows 32 years of crop cultivation data

Combining data from 42 studies, spanning over 32 years (1985-2017), the PROTEIN2FOOD partner Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) from Italy has developed an online geographic information tool for potential protein-rich crop production in Europe. The online tool, which can be freely accessed here, provides a wealth of information about more than 70 crop genotypes, produced [...]

Introducing foreign protein crops in Europe: challenges and opportunities

PROTEIN2FOOD partners continue to explore the potential for protein-rich crops in Europe. When adapting foreign crops under the European environment, it is crucial to consider the challenges and opportunities.  The crops being tested and developed by the project (such as quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth) are largely of foreign origin and have a long history been a [...]

X-ray microtomography scanning protocols for protein-rich foods

The field of non-destructive imaging has been well-established in various biological and medical fields but is relatively new to the agri-food sector. Its role as a quality evaluation technique for seeds is becoming increasingly recognised because it is cost-effective, offers better computation power, and is in line with the global increased interest in non-destructive examination [...]

Renowned Peruvian chef Flavio Solórzano develops novel dishes for PROTEIN2FOOD

Nestled between the Andean mountains and Amazonian Rainforests, Peru’s geographical location allows several diverse ecosystems to co-exist. Because of its high biodiversity, the country enjoys a rich culinary heritage that has been receiving global recognition in recent years. Peru was nominated as the world’s leading culinary destination for seven consecutive years, and various international juries [...]

Fourth Newsletter

A word from the coordinator The beginning of 2018 was marked by the PROTEIN2FOOD 3rd annual meeting hosted by FRAUNHOFER-IVV in Freising, Germany from 28th February to 2nd March. The three-day meeting was an excellent opportunity for all the beneficiaries to once again exchange their most current research results with the whole consortium. The [...]

Crop breeding for the future

Employing new crop breeding approaches and making use of current genomic knowledge is a way to achieve increased nutritional quality of plant product, according to a recent report published by the European Academies Science Advisory Council. The report presents insights on which areas EU food research should focus on to fill current knowledge gaps. Based [...]

PROTEIN2FOOD, a European success story

The European Commission has highlighted the importance of PROTEIN2FOOD’s contribution to a more sustainable world.

Vegetarian alternatives to chicken: quinoa burger earns top spot

PROTEIN2FOOD partner Louis Bolk Institute tested novel plant protein products and meat substitutes to identify barriers and drivers of their acceptance.