PROTEIN2FOOD has an established stakeholder forum organising more than 60 members, representing companies, organisations etc. from the entire value-chain for plant-based protein for food. The stakeholder forum has a consultative role by actively participating in project meetings, discussions, performing tests, training events and offering their expertise and feedback on specific aspects of the project.

For example:

  • Defining the industry requirements and validation of the production of novel plant protein foods
  • Giving insights on consumer preferences and providing socioeconomic reflections
  • Supporting plant breeding to create new successful varieties that diversify cropping systems

The project aims to create strong and long-lasting partnership among the stakeholders to ensure a strategic dissemination of the project results through direct knowledge transfer and information distribution channels. As a registered stakeholder, you will be involved in our activities throughout the projects and invited to participate in stakeholder forums at our annual meetings.

If you are interested in becoming part of the stakeholder forum, please contact us expressing

  • The aim of your organisation and your role
  • What interest you have within the project
  • How your organisation can contribute positively to the project

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