A growing interest in locally produced, high quality protein foods has put the spotlight on legumes, peas and faba beans, as an attractive source of both protein and health promoting dietary fibres.

Within the PROTEIN2FOOD project, researchers at both the Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU) and the University of Copenhagen are investigating whether the proteins and fibres of peas can be isolated for the production of pasta products. Faba beans’ proteins and fibres have high potential too . An example, of the pasta-like sample from pea protein and fibres, red in colour, is shown below.


Photo: Faraz Muneer

The idea is to understand how these components can be combined and how they interact when heated at high temperatures, like those in the pasta-making process. The researchers are also interested in understanding what structure and mechanical properties (chewing strength) work best to make enjoyable fresh pasta-like products with desirable characteristics. These pea-based pasta sheets could be a promising new food with potential nutrition and health benefits.