1612, 2019

Cultivating quinoa in Romania

The cultivation of quinoa in Romania was introduced for the first time in March 2015, supported by SATEAN FUNDATIA, a non-profit organisation located in Braila, in the South-East of Romania, as part of the [...]

512, 2019

Protein Crop Corner

PROTEIN2FOOD works with some of the most promising climate resilient and protein rich food crops that have the potential to help Europe transition to more sustainable proteins.

2911, 2019

Get to know our SMEs! CyberColloids

CyberColloids is a unique organisation devoted to bringing hydrocolloid innovation to industry with a view to enable companies to cost effectively add value through research and development.

2711, 2019

Get to know our SMEs! Prolupin

Prolupin is one of the small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) involved with the PROTEIN2FOOD project. The company has four strategic competencies; isolation of protein and fractions from lupine seeds, developing client specific food ingredients for the food industry...

2511, 2019

We need your feedback!

Your opinions & ideas can shape future food products! PROTEIN2FOOD is looking for adults (18+) to share their feedback and help make identify characteristics of innovative products containing plant protein that are relevant to consumers in different European countries.