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1109, 2019

Harvest Season in Copenhagen

The harvest season at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) started on the 30th July and is the final harvest of the five-year project, PROTEIN2FOOD. This year’s harvest at the farm, Højbakkegård, started with the legumes, which include winter fava beans, lentils, peas and lupins [...]

1009, 2019

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land: a link to PROTEIN2FOOD

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) latest report titled Climate Change and Land describes the extent to which agriculture, deforestation and other types of land use are significantly adding to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change [...]

2106, 2019

Gluten-free Quinoa Pasta Hitting the Shelves in Peru

With the increase in the prevalence of celiac disease, as well as the demand for healthy foods, the market for gluten-free products is booming worldwide. However, commercially available [...]

2006, 2019

Successful Commercialisation of PROTEIN2FOOD Products in Uganda

A team of researchers at the Makerere University in Uganda, a partner of PROTEIN2FOOD, have developed a host of protein-rich food products suitable for the Ugandan market. [...]

706, 2019

Loco for Lentil-based Milk Substitutes 🥛

One of the objectives of PROTEIN2FOOD is to develop nutritious and tasty plant-based protein-rich products to encourage European consumers to go for more plant-based alternatives, while also stirring away from soy-based products. Examples are substitutes [...]

2905, 2019

Protein-Rich Wheat Bread and Pasta 🍞

Photo: High-protein Bread and Pasta: UCC  PROTEIN2FOOD partners have developed high-quality prototypes for protein-rich wheat bread and pasta. While most commercial options contain soy, whey or egg proteins, these new prototypes were produced using new [...]