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3001, 2017

A quinoa-based milk substitute

Cow´s milk allergy and malabsorption of lactose are common conditions that can remain with some people for their whole lives. Therefore, beverages based on plants could be an interesting alternative.

2401, 2017

Lupin, a healthy alternative for Dutch farmers and consumers

PROTEIN2FOOD partner LBI published a brochure entitled “Lupin, a healthy alternative for farmers and consumers” (Dutch only).

1511, 2016

Lupin: an innovative, protein-rich crop

Udo Prins (Louis Bolk Institute) explains the opportunities of Lupin as a crop in Europe.

2410, 2016

ScienceNordic Interview: Ancient crops are the future for our dinner plate!

Sven-Erik Jacobsen from the University of Copenhagen, coordinator of PROTEIN2FOOD, on the crop varieties he is experimenting with in Taastrup, Denmark.

2507, 2016

An interview with FAO’s Eleonora Dupouy on the International Year of Pulses

Why did FAO* decide that 2016 was the ‘Year of the Pulse’?

2505, 2016

EUFIC Food Today article explaining the project in 11 languages