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2905, 2017

Spotlight on PROTEIN2FOOD: Ancient solutions

Ancient crops are back, and they’re helping us fight the effects of climate change. ‘These crops could be the answer to climate change effects that we will be experiencing more and more.’

1403, 2017

Protein-rich pasta from peas, a healthy innovation

A growing interest in locally produced, high quality protein foods has put the spotlight on legumes, peas and faba beans, as an attractive source of both protein and health promoting dietary fibres.

703, 2017

PROTEIN2FOOD Stakeholder Forum

Do you want to learn more about the latest research from the PROTEIN2FOOD project, and discuss opportunities for collaboration? Then participate in our Stakeholder Forum on May 30th 2017 in Caserta, Italy.

2002, 2017

Plant Proteins in Europe: A Brief History

Geographic and time trends of EU-28 countries suggest that many countries traditionally reliant upon diets rich in plant proteins substantially reduced their per capita consumption and production from the 1960s.

1302, 2017

PROTEIN2FOOD: Fostering sustainable food consumption

PROTEIN2FOOD is expected to provide a substantial contribution to the ongoing scientific and political discussions in the field of sustainable agriculture.

602, 2017

Protein prototypes

PROTEIN2FOOD has been working closely with the Aarstiderne farm in Denmark to develop prototypes of protein-rich crops.