Nestled between the Andean mountains and Amazonian Rainforests, Peru’s geographical location allows several diverse ecosystems to co-exist. Because of its high biodiversity, the country enjoys a rich culinary heritage that has been receiving global recognition in recent years. Peru was nominated as the world’s leading culinary destination for seven consecutive years, and various international juries recognise Peruvian cuisine as one of the most varied and delicious in the world.

PROTEIN2FOOD partner National Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM) of Peru collaborated with the top Peruvian chef Flavio Solórzano to showcase some of the country’s unique cuisine. Solórzano owns the highly ranked restaurant “El Señorío de Sulco”, and is an ambassador of “Marca Perú“, an initiative of the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade to promote Peruvian products internationally.

Using Andean grains to develop new products is among UNLAM’s key objectives for PROTEIN2FOOD. Over the last year, UNALM and Solórzano used quinoa to create 55 novel dishes; ranging from dairy substitutes, cold drinks, appetizers, salads, main dishes, breads, and pastries. This wide range of dishes could be developed because different varieties of quinoa vary in their chemical composition, making each suitable for a particular type of dish.

Presently, Chef Solórzano is working on the development of dishes based on amaranth and tarwi (Andean lupine). We trust that his products will be as delicious as those already made of quinoa!

Sweet and sour quinoa salad with red vegetables

Quinoa balls with smashed eggplant

Salad of quinoa, cabbage and goldenberries

Quinoa cake with cacao