Project Description

Work package leader: University College Cork (UCC)

New, home-grown protein sources acquired in work package 2, will be applied for the development of plant-based protein-rich foods (meat alternatives, bakery products and pasta, high protein breakfast cereals and snacks, protein bars, beverages and infant foods). The assessment of the texture and sensory properties as well as nutritive constituents of the new food prototypes will be an integral part of the work and ensure products with broad consumer acceptability and with good nutritional characteristics. Close cooperation with the involved SMEs will allow the utilization of recipes and processing conditions validated at laboratory scale that can be effectively transferred to the SME relevant environments. The functionality and analytical tests performed in work package 2 will provide the basis for selection of appropriate starting materials for work package 3, including possibilities for mixing of proteins from different sources to obtain nutritionally balanced protein composition. Quality investigation of the resulting product prototypes will be performed using the methods described in work package 2, while protein bioavailability and protein digestibility will be determined using in vivo and in vitro assays, respectively. Sensory characteristics and retention of nutrients and bio-active compounds from the starting materials, e.g. antioxidants and essential amino acids will be also evaluated. The appropriate packaging and shelf-life of the products will be determined.

The tasks include:

  • Evaluation of commercial reference plant-based protein-rich foods
  • Development of laboratory-scale plant-based protein-rich meat substitute prototypes
  • Development of protein-rich bakery products and extrudates
  • Development of laboratory-scale plant-based dairy substitutes and infant formulae
  • Sensory aspects and flavour modulation
  • Nutritional Analysis

Deliverable 3.3: Optimised processing conditions for protein-rich bakery
products and extruded cereals and snacks

Deliverable 3.4: Optimized processing conditions for dairy alternatives

Deliverable 3.6: Process conditions for new food products for incorporation in