Project Description

Work package leader: Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV)

The aim of this work package is to design industrially applicable, and environmentally and economically sustainable techniques for targeted processing and fractionation of seeds from high quality protein seed crops (quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat) and legumes (lupin, faba bean and lentils) providing various food ingredients (flour, concentrates, isolates) with good functional and sensory properties for the production of attractive and tasty food products with enhanced nutritional quality. Protein nutritional quality and contents of anti-nutrients are evaluated by advanced biochemical methods.  Additionally protein functionalities are characterised and new knowledge on food protein structure manipulation is generated using MAX IV synchrotron facility.

The tasks include:

  • Dry milling and fractionation of selected high quality protein crops and legume seeds
  • Aqueous protein extraction, fractionation and purification of legume seeds and quinoa to protein concentrates or isolates including variation of key processing parameters in order to optimise product qualities and yields.
  • Analytical characterisation of the obtained fractions: determination of their total composition, compounds relevant with respect to health, sensory properties, functional properties as well as microbial analyses
  • Scale-up of the processes from lab to small pilot plant scale and production of protein ingredients for food application
  • Data collection and exchange with other WPs

Deliverable 2.1: Raw materials for protein fractionation

Deliverable 2.2: Report on dry milling methods

Deliverable 2.5: Ingredient selection