The European Commission has highlighted the importance of PROTEIN2FOOD’s contribution to a more sustainable world. Since the production of meat and dairy consumes a significant amount of energy and accounts for almost 15 % of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions, the project’s development of new products from high-quality protein-rich crops is crucial.

In the interview, former project coordinator Sven-Erik Jacobsen of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark emphasised: “We should produce plant-based protein food which is so attractive that the consumers will prefer those to animal-based alternatives.”

Raymond Gemen from the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), PROTEIN2FOOD’s communication partner added “if we eat less meat overall, that’s the way to go: make the population a little more vegetarian rather than trying to radically convert people”.

The article outlines different angles of the current state of science and the project’s activities towards the objective of encouraging more people to choose plant-based alternatives.

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