On this page you will find all the public deliverables related to PROTEIN2FOOD. Deliverables are additional outputs (i.e. information, special reports, technical diagrams, brochures or other building blocks of the project) that have to be produced during the project’s timeline.

Deliverable 1.3: Protocols for 3D imaging and analysis of internal structure of
seeds for the enhancement of phenotypic characterization

Deliverable 1.4: Protein quality and quantity transcriptomes available for target crops for further use in developing SNPs

Deliverable 1.10: Agronomic interventions (best management practices) for
different European conditions, for each species defined

Deliverable 2.1: Raw materials for protein fractionation

Deliverable 2.2: Report on dry milling methods

Deliverable 2.5: Ingredient selection

Deliverable 3.3: Optimised processing conditions for protein-rich bakery
products and extruded cereals and snacks

Deliverable 3.4: Optimized processing conditions for dairy alternatives

Deliverable 3.6: Process conditions for new food products for incorporation in

Deliverable 4.2: Report on consumer preferences and protein choice behaviour

Deliverable 5.2: Report on the methodology applied in this project for
Life Cycle and Socio-Economic Assessment

Deliverable 5.3 (Part I): Report on the Life Cycle Assessment Results

Deliverable 6.2: Website

Deliverable 6.4: Seminars and training courses for farmers

Deliverable 6.5: Progress report on communication