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2610, 2017
  • table

People’s attitude on meat consumption

PROTEIN2FOOD partner Louis Bolk Institute from the Netherlands carried out a study, including 28 Dutch participants, to analyse their attitude towards the consumption of meat and their plant-based alternatives.

2509, 2017
  • gastronomic-hotspot-lima

Lima: Agricultural & gastronomic hotspot

Sven Erik Jacobsen, project coordinator and renowned scientist, travelled to Lima in July 2017. He visited PROTEIN2FOOD partner, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM).

2109, 2017
  • 17310924_1444956768877221_2520545495144057440_ooooo

Quinoa bread

Fascinated by quinoa and other protein crops the PROTEIN2FOOD partners are developing new products to increase the consumption of these forgotten grains.

1707, 2017
  • euronews

Ancient grains highlighted on Euronews

On a testing farm in Caserta, Italy, Euronews interviewed the project coordinator and researchers working hands on with these crops.

2905, 2017
  • picture1

Spotlight on PROTEIN2FOOD: Ancient solutions

Ancient crops are back, and they’re helping us fight the effects of climate change. ‘These crops could be the answer to climate change effects that we will be experiencing more and more.’

1403, 2017
  • pea

Protein-rich pasta from peas, a healthy innovation

A growing interest in locally produced, high quality protein foods has put the spotlight on legumes, peas and faba beans, as an attractive source of both protein and health promoting dietary fibres.