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1804, 2018

Crop breeding for the future

Employing new crop breeding approaches and making use of current genomic knowledge is a way to achieve increased nutritional quality of plant product, according to a recent report published by the European Academies Science Advisory [...]

2002, 2018

PROTEIN2FOOD, a European success story

The European Commission has highlighted the importance of PROTEIN2FOOD’s contribution to a more sustainable world.

1502, 2018

Vegetarian alternatives to chicken: quinoa burger earns top spot

PROTEIN2FOOD partner Louis Bolk Institute tested novel plant protein products and meat substitutes to identify barriers and drivers of their acceptance.

702, 2018

Plant-based milk substitutes investigated

Plant-based alternatives for milk products are growing in popularity as consumers increasingly replace cow’s milk in their diet for health or lifestyle reasons. PROTEIN2FOOD partner University College Cork examined 17 milk substitutes.

1701, 2018

PROTEIN2FOOD is hiring

PROTEIN2FOOD partner Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is looking for a postgraduate Junior Researcher.

112, 2017

PROTEIN2FOOD showcased at the European Commission

The European Commission invited PROTEIN2FOOD to be part of the Bioeconomy Village at the info week on ‘Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2’, the biggest EU research and innovation programme.